News in 2016News in 2016

Katsuya Takasu donated ¥5 million to "Osaka University Foundation for the Future" to support the Sumo club of Osaka University for building Dohyo (sumo ring), wishing their success in the future.
We donated ¥1 million to the Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Japan & East-Asia as support funds for the Central Tibetan Administration.
We provided US$200,000 to support the activities of the Nigerian Olympic soccer team. In addition, because the Nigerian team won the bronze medal, we provided a total of US$190,000 directly to the players.
Last June, we provided some judo uniforms to the children of Palau. Those children sent Chairman Katsuya Takasu a message saying they were visiting Japan to study judo at the Kodokan on August 1, 2016. With the approval of the Board of Directors, Chairman Takasu met with the children that day to present them with ¥10,000 each, for a total for ¥110,000, in the hopes of supporting the spread and growth of judo in Palau.
In appreciation for the donation that Takasu Fund made for Palau’s drought, we received a letter of appreciation from Mr. Billy G.Kuartei, Minister of State on behalf of Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., President of Republic of Palau. We also received the same from Mr.Francis Mariur Matsutaro, Ambassador of Palau Embassy of Tokyo.Katsuya Takasu Memorial Foundation and Dr. Katsuya Takasu received the same for their respective donations.
Takasu Fund, Takasu Memorial Fund and Katsuya Takasu each donated ¥1,000,000- (a total of ¥3,000,000-) to Republic of Palau, which has been suffering from a severe shortage of drinking water. The money is to be used for Palauan children to buy mineral water.
Takasu Fund became a supporting member of Non-profit Organization "Gakko-no-Sokojikara" (literally meaning "Schools' Potential Power"). This NPO aims to establish "Kizuna Net" (literally meaning "Bonds Net") to help solve bullying problems at school.
Female scholarship grantee successfully finished her graduate program. She had been studying at the nursing department of Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School since April 2015. Dr. Takasu had decided to grant her scholarship on October 24, 2014.
Takasu Fund received a happy report from Palau Judo Federation. The children are practicing hard wearing a judo uniform that Takasu Fund sent them in June 2015.
Takasu Fund donated a research grant of \1,000,000- to the medical electronics research group at Fukushima Medical University. The group has been working hard on neonatal diabetes mellitus and DEND syndrome.
Dr. Takasu personally donated \10,000,000- to Taiwanese earthquake victims through Japanese Red Cross Society.
Dr. Takasu had a talk with Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay of Central Tibetan Administration on Takasu Fund’s future support plans toward Tibetan refugees. After the talk, Dr. Takasu invited PM and his family to Japanese cuisine.